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For over 25 years, Fairmont has been committed to protecting its local environments through its award-winning Fairmont Sustainability Partnership. Fairmont Washington, D.C. is proud to be part of this program through its rooftop beehive program and other initiatives with our planet in mind.

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Bee Sustainable

In 2009, Fairmont broadened its bee programming with the formal introduction of its Bee Sustainable program; in addition to focusing on honeybees, the program expanded to also focus on wild mason bees with the introduction of new pollinator bee hotels at Fairmont locations worldwide.

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A Luxury Hotel First

Fairmont was the first luxury hotel brand to develop on-site honeybee programming and is now considered the leading hotel company in this space. Today, Fairmont hotels have more than 40 honey bee apiaries and wild bee hotels at properties around the world, including at Fairmont Washington, D.C.

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Sustainable Honey

Bees are one of the most effective pollinators on the planet and they are declining at frightening rates. Habitat loss is a leading cause of that decline. Not only does the installation and maintenance of bee apiaries help local environments by providing bees with a home to pollinate areas of gardens and parks, but by harvesting, chefs can offer delicious, local and sustainable honey for use on-site.

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Our hotel features a rooftop garden with beehives to help combat Colony Collapse Disorder while also providing our on-site culinary team local and sustainable honey.

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Energy Management System

Fairmont Washington, D.C. embraces sustainable practices designed to reduce and lessen the impact of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on a local and global scale. Our hotel monitors, measures, and reports on our GHG emissions.

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Recycling Program

Caring for our planet means being proactive stewards of our environment. Our hotel’s efforts are focused on diverting waste from landfills, recycling, and donating or selling used cooking oil and grease to be turned into biodiesel.